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Intermodal Transportation Management






Intermodal Transportation Management

Princeton Consultants is the creator of Pegasus - the leading Intermodal Transportation Management System (Intermodal TMS).

What is Intermodal and why is it important?
The global supply chain - links of manufacturers and distributors - continues to grow in size, volume, participants, and… complexity.

Intermodal Transportation, which is the management of freight across multiple "modes" (ocean, rail, road, air) - is literally the connection between the links of the global supply chain. Even with the most advanced manufacturing and distribution techniques, it is intermodal transportation that is responsible for supplying the raw materials in a cost-conscious and time-effective manner, and then delivering the finished goods to the next link in the chain.

The job of managing and optimizing thousands or millions of loads of freight across the globe typically requires intimate operational and financial understanding of each of the modes, its carriers and characteristics. This job is even more complex for the carriers themselves, who in addition must effectively manage their own assets - positioning them in the right locations and pricing them appropriately.

Pegasus is the most advanced, comprehensive, and proven Intermodal TMS product in North America. It is the dominant product of the Class I railroads, and is used by international ocean liners, motor carriers, and third-parties, including brokers, 3PLs and IMCs.

What it Is
Intermodal transportation management is the pricing, planning, coordination, execution, billing, and analysis of freight that moves in more than one transportation "mode" - ocean, rail, truck, air.

Pegasus Features/Modules
Core Pegasus modules include:

* Commercial
- Customer Management
- Pricing & Quoting
- Deal Space
- Order Management

* Resources
- Users
- Drivers, Vendors, Power
- Equipment
- Systems Interfaces & Controls

* Execution
- Dispatch Planning & Execution
- Status Update & Tracking
- Facility Management
- Line Haul

* Overall
- Real-time Cockpits
- Data Warehouse

* Finance
- Payments
- Billing
- Accessorials
- Audit

Pegasus Benefits
Pegasus benefits include:
* Expand your capabilities
* Reduce transportation costs
* Reduce service failures
* Improve asset utilization and management
* Improve customer service
* Enhance control
* Reduce support costs
* Improve analysis and reporting
* Improve time to market; reduce risk
* Enable your profitable growth

For more information
For more information, contact Steve Sashihara, President and CEO, at

or one of the Pegasus practice leaders:

Patrick Simon,

Shem Malus,

Leah Schanely,

or Greg Wold,



Pegasus: the world's leading Intermodal Transportation Management System

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