Patricia Randall to Present on Rapidly Developing Optimizing Simulations

April 12-14, 2021

As the global market and supply chain continue to evolve under great levels of uncertainty and businesses scramble to adapt, executives must make far-reaching decisions in a short amount of time, often without adequate data and decision support tools. Optimizing simulations help executives rigorously and quickly assess their options and the impact of the policies they create. At the Virtual 2021 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, Princeton Consultants Director Patricia Randall will describe a rapid development methodology and share tactics to overcome barriers to implementation and resulting business process change.

The Virtual 2021 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference will connect hundreds of leading analytics professionals and industry leaders. Attendees will explore the best practices and leading insight into groundbreaking applications, including healthcare, robotics and AI, data ethics, and the role of data science in the media and workplace. For more information and to register, visit the conference website.