Insurance Data Transformation Services



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Insurance Data Transformation Services

"I have worked with Princeton Consultants on a variety of successful projects for several years.  Their consultants are outstanding problem solvers who are adept at managing complexity, and they thoroughly understand our business processes.  They have partnered extraordinarily well with Ameritas to transform the accessibility and accuracy of our data, with downstream improvements to our strategic business processes. I personally recommend Princeton Consultants."

Bruce E. Mieth, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Group Operations
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.


Today’s insurance stakeholders expect business information to be timely, accurate, and readily available.  Business unit leaders want up-to-date insights into their sales and operations, while actuaries and underwriters want to capitalize on analytics, to make better decisions on insurance risk. Clients want the latest in value-added reports, and individuals want quicker availability for their transactions.

Meanwhile, technology has taken great strides forward:  the use of a wide variety of platforms, user-definable reports and widgets, and real-time connectivity to many of the data-providing operations systems.

Despite these mounting demands, carriers still battle basic data quality and access issues. Princeton Consultants’ Insurance Data Transformation Services sets your company’s critical data operations on a firm foundation, and opens up the value-added possibilities of your data.


Rapid Business Benefits

For more than twenty years, Princeton Consultants has helped insurance companies maximize their data and business intelligence assets, with a record of success at Prudential Financial, Guardian, MetLife, and other top carriers.  We focus on the rapid return of benefits to the business, as seen in:

·       Design and fulfillment of accurate, robust data delivery to your executives, clients, compliance functions, and other stakeholders.

·       Iterative release cycles in order to bring business value to your company as soon as possible, and at regular intervals thereafter.  With rapidity and robustness as guiding principles, milestone-based delivery is a clearly superior method to the “big bang” release at the end of a long project.

·       No disruptive impact to the business’s day-to-day operations and priorities.  Our consultants have both the technical expertise and business facilitation skills to seamlessly incorporate the new information solutions into your job functions and operational workflows.


Getting Started

We transform insurance data for business intelligence and create BI platforms that extend competitive advantage.  A Princeton Consultants data transformation initiative begins with a short, focused assessment that sizes the problems and provides specific targets for change.  Based on our research and consultation with the business and IT, the assessment articulates options, benefits, and costs, and becomes input to rapid, facilitated sessions with leadership to create a viable path forward.


Who We Are

Princeton Consultants is an information technology and management consulting firm with offices in Princeton, New Jersey and New York City. Founded in 1980, we have completed over 1,500 projects for our clients--many of the largest, most successful and innovative companies in the world.

We help businesses in Financial Services, Transportation, Media, and diversified industries to dramatically improve performance by integrating new technologies into their core processes. Through our proven methodology, our clients have improved organizational decision making and experienced extraordinary gains in productivity, efficiency and customer service.