Princeton Consultants is featured in the Careers section of U.S. News and World Report's 2002 Edition of Best Graduate Schools

March 1, 2001

The article features a picture of our very own Clark Troy, with several quotes about the virtues of consulting in general, and Princeton Consultants specifically. Here's an excerpt: When Clark Troy, who has Russian litature Ph.D. from Columbia University, found out that he and his wife were expecting a child, he decided he couldn't afford to wait for a rare academic job to come through. He's now working happily and profitably for Princeton Consultants in Princeton, N.J. "I'm being paid twice as much as a beginning professor, and the secruity that brings is really nice," he says.

Troy also wanted to be able to choose where he and his family lived: By taking a consulting job, he and his wife, who teaches photography at Princeton University, could avoid the fate of so many academic couples forced by their careers to live apart.

U.S. News and World Report, Best Graduate Schools 2002, Science and Humanities: More newly Minted Ph.D.'s are Seeking--and Landing--Great Jobs Outside the Ivory Tower As these publications attest, our firm is building a national reputation by hiring the best graduates from the top schools, and putting them to work solving our client's most difficult and intractable problems.