Princeton Consultants featured in April 2010 issue of ORMS Today.

April 1, 2010

Princeton Consultants is pleased to be featured in the April 2010 issue of ORMS Today:

"Princeton Consultants was founded in 1981 by Steve Sashihara and Jon Crumiller. CEO Sashihara majored in philosophy at Princeton University, and COO Crumiller majored in computer science at the University of Delaware. Their early interest in solving business problems by creating algorithms and using computers to apply them led the two men to begin working with early copies of optimization and statistical software from nearby Bell Labs & professors from Princeton University.

Today, Sashihara and Crumiller lead a firm of 80 full-time consultants, all of whom have worked their way up the through ranks by demonstrating success in client engagements. None are "lateral hires" from other consulting firms, assuring that clients are served by proven individuals who possess deep, practical knowledge of the field. The majority of the consultants have graduate degrees in science, engineering or applied mathematics. Approximately one third have Ph.D.s. The firm remains privately held and is run by senior staff — directors, senior specialists and senior consultants.

Princeton Consultants does not engage in research for research's sake. Its work is geared toward real-life business applications. While some optimization firms offer a menu of off-the-shelf products and "tweak" them for various applications, Princeton Consultants creates new software for each client to meet that company's special needs. For example, Quad/Graphics, a Princeton Consultants client, is the largest private printer in North America, with 11,000 employees at 11 large facilities. There are thousands of small printers, and many of them use scheduling software in their operations. But there is no way to take an application created for a small printer and scale it up for a company the size of Quad/Graphics. Optimizing for Quad/Graphics required building optimization software from the ground up."

Excerpted from: "Roundtable Profile: Princeton Consultants Inc."