Princeton Consultants is pleased to welcome Susie Bedikian as a Senior Associate

April 5, 2013

Starting June 24, Susie Bedikian joins us from Yale University, where she is completing a PhD in High Energy Particle Physics. Now in her third year as a research project leader at the European Center for Nuclear Physics (CERN), Susie has written and maintained computationally intensive code, designed breakthrough data analysis strategies, and co-authored publication of the Higgs boson discovery. During her graduate studies, Susie served as a delegate for the United States Hadron Collider Users Organization, and performed research at the large underground Xenon detector in South Dakota. At Yale, she earned an MS and M.Phil. in Physics.

Susie previously graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University with a BA in Physics and Mathematics with departmental honors. She was awarded the Howard Hughes Scholarship for excellence and promise in science, the Margaret Kenny Jensen Prize in mathematics, and the Henry Boorse Prize in physics. Susie led a local adult education GED prep course in mathematics. Susie is a globetrotter, having traveled throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She grew up speaking Armenian and Bulgarian. As the result of her tenure at CERN, she now also speaks French and skis with élégance de style.