Princeton Consultants Welcomes Dr. Felicia Rosario as a Senior Associate

June 30, 2022

Felicia joins us from Follow Us, where as an instructor she supported New York City students and teachers K-12 in science and mathematics, and in SAT/ACT test preparation. Previously, Felicia was the marketing director of a multi-specialty medical clinic, and she conducted mental health assessments and made referrals for higher levels of care for a nonprofit agency that provides food and services to the needy. Felicia earned her M.D. at Columbia University and subsequently performed an internship in Psychiatry at the Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center. She researched and published articles on mental illness, weight loss and neurochemistry. During her internship and at medical school, Felicia served on a variety of committees and helped lead organizations such as the Northeast Region of the Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA), of which she was co-chair elect, and the Black & Latino Students Organization of Columbia, of which she was president. Felicia earned her B.A. in Biochemical Sciences at Harvard College. When the pandemic spread in the spring of 2020, she volunteered with the New York City Medical Reserve Corps and served as a morgue attendant, which entailed processing and transporting deceased persons; conducting remote viewings for families; and instituting more robust recordkeeping. To scale her technical experience, Felicia is nearing completion of a Data Science Certification from Entity Academy powered by Woz-U. A New York City native, Felicia enjoys dancing and cooking, continuing to explore the city, and traveling.