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More Than 40% of Our Professionals Have a Degree in Physics


“One of the reasons I decided to study physics was the sense of accomplishment that is only achieved through solving really difficult problems. One of the great things about working at Princeton Consultants is not only that you are constantly fed challenging problems to solve, but you get to see the real-world business impact of your solutions.

"The projects we work on are typically mission-critical assignments at the highest levels of our client organizations, which makes for a really interesting work day!”
Shem Malus
MS, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: McGill University.

Innovative and industry-leading companies retain Princeton Consultants to transform their core operations and processes.  Our specialties include custom optimization, software development, systems integration, business process reengineering, and large-scale IT project management.

Our firm blends IT and Management Consulting: we emphasize both technical expertise and business understanding, which so many other firms keep separate. At Princeton Consultants, you will cultivate advanced analytical capabilities and professional interpersonal skills.  In our collegial environment, you will build a track record of successes from design through implementation.  And you will become a remarkably effective executive.