Princeton Consultants COO Jon Crumiller to Exhibit Antique Chess Sets at The World Chess Hall of Fame

April 18, 2013

The World Chess Hall of Fame will exhibit highlights from the extraordinary collection of Princeton Consultants COO Jon Crumiller. “Prized and Played” showcases over eighty beautiful, antique chess sets from across the centuries and around the world, as well as many interesting artifacts related to the history of chess. Jon discussed his journey as a collector:

“The guiding principles of a chess collector can evolve over time as the collection grows and takes shape. My initial acquisitions were driven by a lifelong love of the game itself. It was a thrill to purchase an antique playing set and touch the well-worn pieces from chess games of the distant past. One acquisition led to another, and eventually I had to admit—to myself and others—that these chess sets, which were now overflowing from one room to the next, formed a collection, which also meant that I had somehow become a collector... My collection has expanded to include ornamental sets, which were created as objects of beauty rather than intended for use in actual play. I also collect antique chess boards, timers, publications, and chess miscellanea.”

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