Princeton Consultants Named a Wagner Prize Finalist for Innovation with Birchbox

September 15, 2020

Princeton Consultants has been named a finalist for the 2020 Wagner Prize for its innovative optimization work with Birchbox, the e-commerce trailblazer. The team of Optimization Principal Dr. Irv Lustig, Director Dr. Patricia Randall and Senior Optimization Specialist Dr. Robert Randall created the Reciprocating Integer Programming (RIP) technique as part of a solution to determine the best products to send monthly to millions of Birchbox subscribers according to their preferences. The new application positively impacts every piece of Birchbox business across multiple teams, company leadership reported, allowing them to strategically invest in everything from building more personal customer experiences to decreasing production costs. Administered by INFORMS, the Wagner Prize honors strong mathematics applications to practical problems that achieve significant, measurable success. The finalists will make their presentations to the judging committee at the INFORMS Annual Meeting Nov. 8-13, with the winner announced shortly thereafter.

For more about this application, read this blog post. To register for the virtual INFORMS Annual Meeting, visit the meeting website.