Princeton Consultants Salutes 2016 INFORMS Impact Prize Winners

January 10, 2017

As the proud corporate sponsor of the 2016 INFORMS Impact Prize, Princeton Consultants salutes the winners for their pivotal role in the creation and widespread adoption of revenue management: Peter Belobaba, E. Andrew Boyd, Tom Cook, Guillermo Gallego, Robert Phillips, Barry C. Smith, Kalyan Talluri, and Garrett van Ryzin. The Impact Prize is awarded every two years for lifetime achievement in operations research and analytics.

Revenue management, the theory and practice of dynamically managing the price and availability of a portfolio of products or services to maximize profitability, was famously first developed to enable airlines to manage the prices and availability of their seat inventory following deregulation in 1978. Today it has become a mainstream business practice across a wide range of industries including not only airlines and hotels but also freight transportation, media, retailing, entertainment, consumer finance, and manufacturing. As the Internet and the information economy has grown, revenue management has become even more critical to many businesses including Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Microsoft and Uber.

For more information about this year’s winners, visit the INFORMS Impact Prize webpage.