Steve Sashihara Presents Results of Transportation Tech Disruption Survey

March 31, 2023

In a webinar with Stifel Transportation Research Director Bruce Chan today, Steve Sashihara summarized the results of the survey, "Disruptive Technologies in Freight Transportation and Logistics," which Princeton Consultants and Stifel have conducted annually since 2016. Executives assessed IoT, self-driving trucks, AI and other disruptors in terms of their current and potential impact on business areas. Because IoT was ranked first, Steve described the mission of RailPulse, the rail industry consortium that is acclerating the use of telematics on railcars in North America. Prompted by Bruce and the audience, Steve also discussed AI and ChatGPT, and encouraged executives to have a bias toward action as they evaluate related opportunities.

For a copy of the results presentation, email us.