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How We Work

Small Teams of Superstars

Small teams are the foundation of Princeton Consultants' success.  While some firms deploy armies of consultants, we typically employ an agile team of 3-7 outstanding people for the problems others deem too big and complex to solve.  This emphasis promotes better communication, heightened responsibility, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs--as well as groundbreaking results.

Results in the Real World

We not only design solutions for our clients, we implement them.  We have a reputation for moving beyond reports, presentations and findings.  Our end-to-end approach allows us to refine our solutions over the course of a project--a process with clear advantages for our clients.  Our methodology sets us apart from many other consulting firms that conclude their engagements when the blueprints are drawn.

Advantages of Our Methodology 

At Princeton Consultants you will learn how to help our clients improve their basic business performance, while becoming a truly valued professional with deep business perspective and essential technical skills.  Our methodology provides overall structure from the beginning to the end of a project, bringing the different pieces together to build solutions.  We emphasize creative thinking, strong interpersonal skills, and a disciplined approach to analysis, design, development and implementation. Our consultants see their work positively impact clients in rapid fashion.  

Short, Phased Time-Frames

Your leadership abilities and project­‐management skills are challenged and expanded as you develop and rapidly deliver solutions to a variety of business problems. 

Simultaneous (Rather Than Sequential) Team Assignments

You will see interesting projects progress from the idea phase to the implementation phase in weeks or months, not years.

Building Block Orientation

Through incremental analysis, design, development, and implementation cycles, you have the satisfaction of seeing your work implemented and validated in the field. 

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

You will learn how world-class software is developed and utilized to create the highest business value.

Commitment to Flexible Realistic, High Quality Solutions Using a Best-Practices Approach

You will have superior growth opportunities in a healthy leadership environment that inspires open communication and promotes creative solutions.