Join Princeton Consultants and the Analytics Community at the INFORMS Virtual Annual Meeting

November 7-13, 2020

Held virtually this year, the INFORMS Annual Meeting is the premier event for industry professionals and academics in AI, optimization, advanced analytics and related information and decision sciences. Attendees discuss applications, best practices, and the impact of advanced analytics on complex real-world problems, including telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, the service sector, healthcare, and defense.

Princeton Consultants Optimization Principal Dr. Irv Lustig and Senior Optimization Specialist Dr. Robert Randall will present their innovative optimization work with Birchbox as they compete for the prestigious Wagner Prize. At a virtual exhibit, Princeton Consultants will welcome conversations about solution development, managing project risk for successful deployment, Cost Benefit Analyses for advanced analytics, model review and validation, and more. 

To learn more and register, visit the meeting website.