Over the years, our clients have repeatedly told us that our most noticeable distinction is the caliber and dedication of our people.

One industry publication wrote about us:

"When consulting firms say they hire only the best and the brightest, they are usually engaging in a bit of hyperbole. Not so at Princeton Consultants. This firm has built a strong practice and even stronger reputation by hiring bright minds from top-notch universities and putting them to work at solving business problems."

Princeton Consultants: Building a Firm with Superhuman Resources
Consulting Magazine

It has been our experience that the best consultants are multi-faceted and multi- disciplinary. Accordingly, we have built a firm of diverse individuals with common backgrounds of high achievement through integrity and hard work:

“The standard is stellar at Princeton Consultants where Jim Weitzul, director of Human Resources never settles for less than the dream applicant.”

Dream Hire
Princeton Business Journal

In addition to our full-time professional staff, we draw from the tremendous resources of the Princeton area—a unique center of academic and industrial research. Based on years of project experience, we have carefully built a consultative network of experts that enables us to apply the fruits of world-class R&D in important, new ways.

We bring this all together with teams of in-house personnel and outside consultants, combining important organizational perspective and expert knowledge in all phases of the project. Princeton Consultants team participation provides valuable cross-training and skills transfer, which builds an ever stronger organization.