Princeton Consultants has two main offices: one in suburban Princeton, New Jersey and the other in the very heart of cosmopolitan New York City.

Princeton Consultants, Inc. 2 Research WaySecond FloorPrinceton, NJ 08540(609) 987-8787

Staff members are free to work out of one or both offices, which are only an hour apart, and enjoy a lifestyle-friendly environment according to project location, travel logistics and personal preference.

For many, Princeton presents an ideal environment in which to live and work, because it combines renowned scholarship, noteworthy history, stimulating cultural attractions, plentiful recreational opportunities, and safe neighborhoods with excellent public schools. Residents enjoy easy access to mass transit and cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Home to Princeton University, Princeton served briefly as the capital of the United States during the Revolutionary War. More recently, groundbreaking thinkers such as Albert Einstein and John von Neumann lived and worked in Princeton, which today features a per capita population of PhDs and Nobel prize recipients that is perhaps unrivaled by any other community. Princeton is also the setting of many world-class corporations in technology, life sciences, healthcare and educational services that continue to build on a tradition of innovation begun nearby at Thomas Edison’s facilities, Johnson & Johnson and Bell Laboratories.

Princeton Consultants was founded in Princeton and our office is located in the state-of-the-art Carnegie Center office park with many amenities onsite and in the surrounding area.