We empower small, agile teams of superstars to create new business processes and build and implement mission-critical systems.

Princeton Consultants employs a methodology that provides overall structure from the beginning to the end of a project, bringing the different pieces together to build solutions. We emphasize a disciplined approach to analysis, design, development and integration to help organizations rapidly create new processes and systems.

Small teams are the foundation of our success. While some firms deploy armies of consultants, we work in agile teams of 3-7 outstanding people to solve what others deemed too big and too complex. This promotes better communication, heightened accountability, and a deeper understanding of our clients' needs--as well as groundbreaking results. We rely on shorter project phases, bringing benefits to the field quickly, and building incrementally on the established base. Our methodology reflects the business reality that speed, cost- effectiveness and quality must be combined so that client organizations do not wait years for competitive improvements.

We not only design solutions, we implement them. Over more than 40 years, we have earned a reputation for moving beyond reports, presentations and findings. Through our end-to-end approach, we refine our solutions over the course of a project, a process that clearly benefits our clients--and sets us apart from consulting firms that conclude engagements when the blueprints are drawn.



  • Small, high-powered teams, with short, phased timeframes
  • Simultaneous (rather than sequential) team assignments
  • Building block orientation: incremental analysis, design, development, and implementation cycles
  • Commitment to flexible, realistic, high quality solutions using a best practices approach
  • Time definite deliveries
  • Leveraging advanced technologies where appropriate
  • Understanding and mastering a turbulent, changing environment

As the world moves faster, the ability to deliver and implement applications rapidly is more than a one-shot campaign. It is an enterprise survival skill.