Join Us for a "Step Class" at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

April 16, 2023

We hope to see you April 16-18 in Denver for the annual INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, attended by Analytics leaders and practitioners, industry experts, and software executives. Consider attending our workshop and/or tutorial, and our exhibit hall booth. We look forward to discussing best practices, current initiatives and challenges.

April 16 Technology Workshop
Take a "Step Class" Through the Optimization Solution Development Life Cycle from Business Understanding to Deployment
Presented by Robert Randall, PhD and Irv Lustig, PhD

The development and implementation of an optimization-based solution to make critical business decisions goes beyond building a mathematical model and writing code that embeds that model in software. Before any development, it is important to define the business problem, gather support from various stakeholders, and determine the value proposition of a potential solution. Once these issues are understood, a software solution can be developed, and using best practices before, during and after the software development phase will improve the likelihood of successful deployment.

Based on decades of applied optimization work at Princeton Consultants, Rob and Irv will demonstrate the steps to move through the complete solution life cycle, including:
• the non-technical steps of identifying the right problem to solve;
• a focus on best practices for rapid optimization model and software development using Python and pandas;
• best practices for technical deployment of a solution;
• working with clients to ensure adoption of the solution

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