Princeton Consultants' Tele-Underwriting practice uncovers in a survey of Chief Underwriters that 22% find teleunderwriting has a positive impact on mortality experience; 78% neutral.

March 6, 2003
As featured in the April 28, 2003 edition of National Underwriter, Jon Crumiller, Tele-Underwriting practice leader, found in a survey of 45 top-tier U.S. life insurance carriers, that 22% of respondents determined that instituting teleunderwriting improved mortality experience, and 78% cited no increase (or decrease) in claims. Teleunderwriting, an improved model for obtaining accurate and complete medical information from life insurance policy applicants, is being implemented by an increasing number of life manufacturers.
Princeton Consultants' study examines the question of what impact the new process has on risk experience. Contrary to some concerns, the results showed that teleunderwriting has either a positive or neutral impact on mortality.