We build financial systems, as well as models to rigorously assess what-if scenarios and assist decision making.

Revenue Forecasting

We developed a next-generation framework, powered by advanced analytics, that improves the accuracy and delivery of forecasts.


  • A system that outperformed the previous "bottom-up" process and transformed strategic decision-making and marketing and resource planning for a Class I railroad.

Financial Systems

Our history of developing world-class operational systems includes custom financial solutions.


  • Development of a system to calculate rail car hire, according to industry and business-specific accounting rules.

Financial Modeling

We help answer a wide range of questions, often using optimizing simulation technology, regarding the financial impact of potential changes and improvements.


  • Development of the Route Costing Optimizer, a decision support tool that precisely analyzes the cost/benefit of shipping options for defined origin-destination pairs worldwide. The tool incorporates the latest market outputs, such as charter rates and bunker prices, and changing market-segment definitions, and it determines the sensitivity of routes to many factors, including the expansion of the Panama Canal.
  • For a regional agribusiness with a private industrial railroad and a connecting regional short line, developed an optimization simulation tool to evaluate what-if scenarios and help capital allocation decisions.