Fleet Owner Summarizes Steve Sashihara Report on Digital Disruption in Freight Transportation

January 30, 2017

"The potential for autonomous trucks to disrupt freight transportation—or at least the recognition, by carriers and shippers, of that possibility—has surged in the past year," reports Fleet Owner in its recap of Princeton Consultants CEO Steve Sashihara's teleconference January 27 with Stifel Capital Markets Managing Director of Research John Larkin. Steve presented the results of Princeton Consultants' most recent survey of transportation executives about their views of disruptive technologies and the business areas they may impact by 2024.

About the Uber-ization of freight, another disruptor, Steve said, “I don’t think we can sit back and just wait for things to happen, but that doesn’t mean we should create our own Uber-like channels. Whether we are a buyer of freight, a seller, or an intermediary, we have to improve our user friendliness and automation.” 

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