Princeton Consultants profiled in Consulting Magazine's May/June Special Feature: Unique Boutiques.

May 21, 2003
We are pleased that Consulting Magazine, the leading publication covering the consulting industry, selected Princeton Consultants as one of five consulting firms to profile in its issue about highly successful boutique consulting firms. The article states:
"Change is difficult for any organization to successfully — much less, gracefully — manage. And facilitating change is often what management consultants are brought in to facilitate and execute. But turning their own organizations on a dime is not something top players in the profession do particularly well. This is the one trait that Princeton Consultants has counted on for over 20 years to keep it competitive in the hyper-competitive consulting field. Perhaps one secret to the firm’s longevity is the fact that the founder, Steve Sashihara, was never burdened by the traditional conventions of the profession."
The article further emphasizes what makes boutique consultancies valuable for their clients: "Besides having a reputation for being less bureaucratic and more flexible, boutique firms have certain advantages over larger consulting firms." These include: emphasis on practice specialization, customized client service, and low overhead costs.