Steve Sashihara to Continue as an Advisor to ORFE at Princeton University

April 21, 2015

Princeton Consultants CEO Steve Sashihara has been reappointed for a four-year term to Princeton University’s Advisory Council for the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Steve graduated from Princeton in 1980 and subsequently co-founded Princeton Consultants. 

ORFE blends the fields of statistics, probability and optimization to create advanced analytic tools. Faculty and students create theories and methods to analyze `Big Data' in biomedical studies, energy and finance, to manage financial resources and market risks, to efficiently distribute physical resources and goods, to manage risks and uncertainties in supply and demands, to reduce costs in the health care and energy systems, and to evaluate effectiveness of marketing strategies and biomedical products.

ORFE has 17 faculty members and 12 associated faculty members. It has around 200 undergraduate majors, 45 Ph.D. students, and 15 postdoctoral research fellows. 

Learn more about ORFE here.